For this year's FORMS/FORMAT Symposium, the following invited speaker are presenting the state of the art and research in their fields of expertise:

  • Prof. Dr. Jürgen Leohold, Executive Director of Group Research at Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, Germany.
  • Dr. Tobias Schaller, Head of Scientific Bases Safety of Federal Office of Transport, Switzerland.
  • Prof. Tao Tang, Head of State Key Laboratory of Rail Traffic Control, Beijing Jiaotong University, China.
  • Lars Reger, Vice President Strategy, New Business, and R&D for the Automotive business unit at NXP Semiconductors, Germany.

Click on the following link to download the program of FORMS/FORMAT: FORMS/FORMAT 2014 Program Flyer (1.9 MB)


08:00 Registration of Attendees
09:00 E. Schnieder Welcome Address
09:10 S. Arndt & D. Schnäpp Requirements Engineering
09:55 Refreshment Break
10:10 Möhlenbrink Human Factor
10:55 Refreshment Break
11:10 F. Heyle Common Safety Methods
11:55 End of Tutorial


12:00 Registration of Attendees
Welcome Addresses
13:00 Prof. Schnieder, Conference Chair of FORMS/FORMAT Welcome Address by Conference Chair
13:05 Prof. Reimers, Vice President of Technische Universität Braunschweig Welcome Address by Technische Universität Braunschweig
Formal Methods in Automotive Applications
13:10 Malte Mauritz, Andreas Rausch and Ina Schaefer Dependable ADAS by Combining Design Time Testing and Runtime Monitoring
13:40 Thorsten Ehlers, Dirk Nowotka and Philipp Sieweck Finding race conditions in real-time code by using formal software verification
14:10 Dai Chao, Junyi Chen, Xiao Xu, Yutong He and Hongyan Wang Analysis of Pedestrian Protection Strategy Based on Pedestrian Accident Characteristics of China
14:40 Refreshment Break
Human Factors Modelling
15:00 Zakaryae Boudi, El Miloudi El Koursi, Simon Collard-Dutilleul, Khaddour Moha High Level Petri Net Modeling For Railway Safety Critical Scenarios
15:30 Ren Dewang and Zheng Wei Hybrid Causal Methodology in Quantitative Risk Assessment for the On-board ATP of High Speed Railway
16:00 Jürg Suter and Nicole Stoller Use of simulators to investigate complex issues relating to human factors
16:30 Refreshment Break
RAMS Terminology Management
16:45 Ayşe Yurdakul, Jan Welte and Eckehard Schnieder Construction of a Consistent openETCS Tool Development Terminology by Modeling
17:15 Jörg Müller Dependability and Safety of Complex Technical Systems – Achieving a sound and complete Terminology
Invited Lecture
17:45 Prof. Leohold, Volkswagen AG Trends and Challenges on the Way towards Automated Driving
18:15 End of Presentations and walk to DLR Labs
18:30 Guided Lab Tour - The German Aerospace Center (DLR)
20:00 End of Day 1

08:00 Registration of Attendees
Invited Lectures
08:30 Lars Reger, NXP Semiconductors C2X - Security
Formal Modelling for Train Control
09:00 Daohua Wu, Wei Zheng and Eckehard Schnieder Scenario-based Modelling and Model Checking of Train Control Systems with Coloured Petri Nets
09:30 Ming Chai, Lin Zhao Specifying Correctness Properties in ETCS for Online Monitoring with Extended Live Sequence Charts
10:00 Tomasz Babczyński and Jan Magott New analytic estimation for dependability and safety of GSM-R communication in ERTMS level 3
10:30 Refreshment Break
Safety/Security Analysis
11:00 Yang Lingyun, Zheng Wei, Zhao Lin and Tang Tao Safety Analysis & Design Platform for the High-speed Railway Operation Control System
11:30 Kiswendsida Abel Ouedraogo, Julie Beugin, El-Miloudi El-Koursi, Joffrey Clarhaut, Dominique Renaux and Frederic Lisiecki Allocation rules of Safety Integrity Levels in a generic TCMS application
12:00 Thomas Störtkuhl Security analysis for electric signalling systems
12:30 Lunch
Invited Lectures
13:30 Prof. Tao Tang, National Railway Research Centre, Beijing Jiaotong University, China. Chinese Railway safety
Formal Modelling for Interlocking
14:00 Alessandro Fantechi On validating software at layout changes in interlocking systems
14:30 Linh H. Vu, Anne E. Haxthausen and Jan Peleska A Domain-specific Language for Railway Interlocking Systems
15:00 Phillip James, Faron Moller, Hoang Nga Nguyen, Markus Roggenbach, Steve Schneider and Helen Treharne Decomposing scheme plans to manage verification complexity
15:30 Refreshment Break
Localization and Communication
16:00 Baigen Cai, Jiang Liu, Jian Wang and Wei Shangguan An Analysis of Autonomous Train State Perception in Satellite-based Train Control using BDS
16:30 Lars Schnieder, Diederich Wermser, Annika Renz and Marta Barrilero Integrated Modelling of Business Processing and Communication Events for Public Transport
ETCS Formal Analysis
17:00 Hela Kadri, Simon Collart-Dutilleul and Belhassen Zouari Crossing Border In The European Railway System: Operating Modes Management By Colored Petri Nets
17:30 Qiu Siqi, Kaza Guy-Leon, Sallak Mohamed and Schon Walter A reachability analysis for verification of safety properties of railway infrastructures
18:00 Attila Cseh, Balázs Sághi and Géza Tarnai Considerations on the Concurrent Operation of ETCS L2 and Legacy Train Control System EVM on the Hungarian Railway Network
18:30 End of Presentations and Transport to Evening Reception
19:30 Evening Event - Schöningen
21:00 End of Day 2

08:00 Registration of Attendees
Invited Lectures
08:30 Dr. Tobias Schaller, Federal Office of Transport, Switzerland. Railway Safety
Legal Framework
09:00 Nicolas Petrek A New Approach for Judging the Significance of Changes in European Railways
09:30 Roman Slovak and Hannes Meuli Petri Net-Based Validation of New Safety Requirements of the CSM Regulation in relation to Standardised Level Crossings in Switzerland
10:00 Refreshment Break
Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis
10:15 Hiroshi Ito, Masakazu Amemiya, Tetsunori Hattori and Masayuki Matsumoto Application of the RAMS risk assessment method for availability towards improvement of railway services
10:45 Datian Zhou, Ali Hessami, Bing Bu, Xiaofei Yao, Lu Zhang and Caihong Huang Study on Model based HAZOP for Train Control System
11:15 Lajos Darai, Norbert Aranyos and József Héri The effects of hazard analysis of Budapest M4 metro line on the implementation of the project
11:45 Refreshment Break
Award Ceremony
12:00 Best Paper and Best Presenter Award
12:15 End of FORMS/FORMAT 2014