The evening reception of the 10th FORMS/FORMAT Symposium will be held at the paläon, Schöningen. The paläon offers an impressive exhibition, a journey through time, and a research centre. While the FORMS/FORMAT Symposium offers an insight into the latest technology of today, the paläon exhibition provides a look into the technology 300.000 years ago. The highlight of the Paläon exhibition are the 300.000 years old spears, a worldwide sensation.

Picture Rights by paläon GmbH

All guests of FORMS/FORMAT 2014 will be transported via bus transfer to the paläon and back to Braunschweig. At the Paläon, the guests will have the opportunity to do a guided tour through the exhibition, accompanied by a nice welcome reception with drinks and food.

For more information about the paläon, please click on this link.