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Tuesday, 11th December 2012

Wednesday, 12th December 2012
8:30 Registration of Attendees
Greeting Address
09:15 E. Schnieder, Institute for Traffic Safety and Automation Engineering, Technische Universität Braunschweig
Invited Lectures
09:30 The Logic of Requirements -- Formalizing Tracing
M. Broy (TU Munich)
10:15 Unified Formats for trackside signaling data for support of putting into service and train/track integration
M. Meyer zu Hrste (DLR), J. Tamarit (CEDEX)
Welcome Address
11:00 J. Hesselbach, President of Technische Universität Braunschweig
11:10 Refreshment Break
Quality and Operational Modeling
Chairs: H. Schlingloff, Y. Hirao
11:45 PTC - A standard without standards?
V. Knollmann, C. Weber and M. Smith (Siemens)
12:05 A novel evaluation method of availability using the train operation quality
Y. Fukuta, S. Masutani, K. Fujita, K. Yasuoka and
M. Matsumoto (East Japan Railway Company)
12:25 Formalization of Train Control System Scenario
D. Zhou, J. Lv, L. Yuan, K. Li and T. Tang (BJTU)
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Decision Process for Handling Operations against Device Failures in Heavy Duty Trucks in a Platoon
T. Ogitsu, R. Fukuda, W.-P. Chiang, M.Omae, (Keio University)
S. Kato, N. Hashimoto, (AIST)
K. Aoki (JARI) and S. Tsugawa (Meijo University)
14:05 Design Methodology - A Suitable Approach to Develop Pedestrian and Cyclist Protection?
A. Frst, C. Stechert and T. Vietor (TU BS)
Systems and Safety Modeling
Chairs: J. Braband, G. Tarnai
14:25 Signaling System Design for Urban Transportation: The Case of Istanbul Esenler Depot
İ. Üstoğlu, Ö. T. Kaymakçı, (Yıldız TU)
M. S. Durmuş, U. Yıldırım (Istandbul TU) and
L. Akçil (Istanbul Ulaşım A.Ş.)
14:45 Using ERTMSFormalSpecs to model ERTMS braking curves
L. Ferier, S. Lukicheva and S. Pinte (ERTMS Solutions)
15:05 Structural Equation Modelling for Causal Analysis Applied to Transport Systems
L. Filippidis and H. Schlingloff (FIRST)
15:25 Refreshment Break
Requirements Specification and Tests
Chairs: R. Hase, K. Lemmer
16:00 A Method to Verify System Requirements Specifications Based on Safety Requirements for Train Control Systems
K. Iwata (RTRI) and Y. Hirao (Nagaoka University)
16:20 Automatic Traceability from Tests to Requirements by Requirement-Based Refinement
S. Weissleder (FOKUS), T. Girlich (Thales) and
J. Krause (ifak Magdeburg)
16:40 From Requirements to Test Cases - Applying a Functional Hierarchy and Modularity for a better Transparency
M. Meyer zu Hörste, C. Preuk, L. Ebrecht and K. Lemmer (DLR)
17:00 Test Coverage Criteria for Autonomous Mobile Systems based on Coloured Petri Nets
R. Lill and F. Saglietti (SWE)
17:20 End of Presentations
Evening Reception
18:00 Stdtisches Museum Braunschweig

Thurdsay, 13th December 2012
8:00 Registration of Attendees
Invited Lectures
08:30 Development of Safe Control Devices in the Automotive Industry - Requirements, Methods, Outlook
J. Kiefer (TRW Automotive)
09:00 Level Crossings (LXs) in ETCS -- Solutions for Hungarian Rail Networks
P. Tth (Budapest University of Technology)
9:30 Refreshment Braek
Safety Modeling and Risk Assessment
Chairs: J. Marais, J.R. Müller
10:00 Modelling a universal rail system with a focus on interrelationships
J. Suter (FOT), S. Straube (Lufthansa) and F. Riesen (CISCO)
10:20 STAMP Analysis of The 7.23 Train Accident in China
A. Dong and N. Leveson (MIT)
10:40 Cybernetic Modelling of Safety-Relevant Policy Processes
S.S. Sikatzki (ISW) and R.S. Hosse (iVA)
11:00 Acceptance, Approval and Certification in the Field of Urban Guided Transport Systems
B. Sághi, G. Tarnai and A. Cseh (BME)
11:20 On a Standard Representation of Semi-quantitative Approaches for Risk Assessment
J. Braband (Siemens)
11:40 Assessing the individual risk of rail transport for passengers and staff
R. Slovák, H. Meuli (BAV) and H. Schlatter (SBB)
12:00 Lunch
System Engineering and Operational Risk Management
Chairs: J. Axmann, T. Tang
13:00 A Systems Engineering Tool Chain Based on Eclipse and Rodin
M. Jastram (Formal Mind)
13:20 Model Based Development and Tests for openETCS Applications - A Comprehensive Tool Chain
J. Feuser and J. Peleska (TZI)
13:40 Condition Monitoring Algorithms for Freight Wagon Wheelsets
C. Gericke and M. Hecht (TU Berlin)
14:00 Facing new Challenges in the Railway Industry - Dealing with the Paradigmatic Shift in Safety Cases
J.R. Müller, J. Poliak
14:20 The uncertainty of risk, the risk of uncertainty in railway computerized critical applications
M. Antoni and N. Ammad (SNCF)
14:40 Refreshment Break
Operational Quality Modeling
Chairs: M. Antoni, S. Hiraguri
15:10 Comparing Versions of Banker's Algorithm for Deadlock Avoidance in Resource Allocation Systems
M. Zarnay (FRI Zilina) and J. Marek (Smart Engine)
15:30 Kronecker Algebra based Travel Time Analysis for Railway Systems
M. Volcic, J. Blieberger and A. Schöbel (TU Vienna)
15:50 Refreshment Break
Award Ceremony
16:15 Best Paper and Best Presenter Bestowal
17:00 End of FORMS/FORMAT 2012


Here you can download the programme of FORMS/FORMAT 2010.

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